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Site Selection

Where you hold your meeting is extremely important to the overall success. Locations need to appeal to attendees and provide the right facilities to meet your standards, requirements, agenda and budget.

MDS Events has helped organizations select meeting sites around the world for groups of all sizes. We review locations, negotiate contract terms and collaborate with property managers. Every detail is covered to minimize risk, save money and ensure your event receives the highest quality service for a positive experience.

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Travel Accommodations

Critical to a successful meeting is ease of travel and comfortable accommodations. Coordinating group airfares, accommodations, ground transportation and dining options for your meeting attendees is a complicated and time consuming task.

MDS Events will reduce the time and costs of managing travel and housing by negotiating and securing the most favorable rates and contract terms.


Contract Negotiation

In today's market, everyone is searching for the best value.  At MDS Events, we are aggressive negotiators! We negotiate the most favorable terms on your behalf- customized to your needs. We have superb leverage during negotiation sessions which translates into significant savings for your organization.

MDS Events guarantees to secure better rates and concessions than you are able to obtain on your own. 

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Event Management

On your behalf, we are responsible for organizing the details involved with planning small and large events and meetings.  MDS Events specializes in all planning functions including but not limited to:

Venues, Hotels, Convention Centers, Catering Companies, Transportation, Activities, Team Building, Entertainment, Décor, Banquet Event Orders and Audio Visual

We also work with budget management to ensure proper payment for venue space, lodging, materials, props, speakers and anything else that requires payment.  MDS Events' quality assurance gauges the success of your meeting or event, so you may be required to conduct surveys with the attendees.




Meeting registration can be a huge effort, involving many confusing and complicated manual processes. 

MDS Events will handle all efforts from start to finish, making the registration process effortless for you and your attendees. Some of our registration services include: Online & On-site registration, reporting, badge creation and assembly and program and meeting dedication.

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Mobile Applications

Integral to a successful event these days is providing an engaging and personalized mobile event app experience for your attendees, allowing access to your event, whenever and wherever they need it.

MDS Events will design, build and manage a mobile application for your meeting or event, providing a seamless mobile experience for attendees.